My Champions

My Champions

1 Ch Atanta The Lady is Redi

Ch Atenta Abbey Road

Ch Tintenara Taylah Made  handle & Fostered by me, owner was  Julie Spears

My 4th Champion is one I have breed she is the 1st Adail Champion

4.  Ch Adail Lady Zara   she is owned by Phill Nicholson, Phill has done a great job with Lady Zara  

thank you Phill & Susan

9/6/13 Wollondilly abkc BOB, Minor Puppy in GROUP
7/7/13 Hawksbury KC BOB,Minor Puppy in Group
15/12/13 Parramatta ABKC BOB, Junior in Group
Best of Breed 24
Challenge Bitch 24 up till now
My 5th Champion Is my 2nd home breed she is Adails 2nd champion

5. Adail Le Creme choc Delight has just made Champion date 31/07/2015  owned by Phill Ansd Susan Nicholson susan has done a great job with her as sus has been showing her as she worked better with her when Plill You both have done great  thank you for championing them both Phill and Sus

 my 6th champion and 3rd home breed is ADAILS 3rd CHAMPION

6 Adail A Touch of My Sheena Starr  has made champion date.     July 2016  Owened by Christine Alderton you have done a great job with  Sheena Sterr, Chris  and I would like to thank you for all you have done with her great job and thank you foe champion her 

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